Surgical Smoke Evacuation System Accessories

I.C. Medical manufactures a full range of surgical smoke evacuation system accessories at its manufacturing center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Blades and Electrodes

I.C. Medical offers the PenEvac’s pre-loaded with a range of blades and electrodes to accommodate surgeons’ needs and preferences. Sterile blades can also be purchased separately.

  1. Stainless Steel Blade
  2. Non-Stick Blade
  3. Megadyne E-Z Clean Blade (Only available pre-loaded in PenEvac’s)
  4. Stainless Steel ENT Blade
  5. Non-Stick ENT Blade
  6. Stainless Steel ENT Needle Tip
  7. Non-Stick ENT Needle Tip
  8. Stainless Steel Needle Tip
  9. Non-Stick Needle Tip

Inter Abdominal Tubing

I.C. Medical’s Inter Abdominal Tubing is used with the Crystal Vision 450D during laparoscopic procedures to help improve the OR team’s vision during surgery. The use of Inter Abdominal Tubing also keeps the patient from absorbing smoke produced during a closed procedure.

Speculum Tubing

Speculum Tubing is used during gynecological procedures to help eliminate surgical smoke or electrocautery plume that may contains potential pathogens.


I.C. Medical manufactures adapters or connectors that enable the I.C. Medical PenEvac and other products to work with any smoke evacuator on the market.

  1. 7/8” Male x 10mm Male
  2. 22mm Female x 10mm Male
  3. Large PreFilter to 10mm Adapter
  4. Suction Connector with Tubing Connector (10mm)


I.C. Medical’s patented surgical smoke shroud clips on to an ordinary electrocautery pencil to capture smoke.

To learn about our surgical smoke evacuation products and accessories, call 1-800-766-5336 today.

Surgical Smoke Evacuation System Accessories May 12, 2016

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