Beginning June 1, 2017, I.C. Medical will offer an opportunity for nurses and allied health professionals to earn two continuing education credits through Pfiedler Enterprises by accessing a free educational study guide on the topic of surgical smoke evacuation. A link to the program will be available on June 1st online at the I.C. Medical website,

The study guide Evacuate Surgical Smoke: Everyone Has the Right to Clean Air, debuted at the AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo in Boston earlier this year, and will be available in e-book format after June 1st.

The contents of the booklet have been thoroughly researched and the study guide was written in accordance with the recently released AORN guidelines on surgical smoke evacuation. It contains useful, up-to-date information about the issues, the potential harmful effects, and best practices for removing surgical smoke from the OR.

  • FREE CE credits – The study guide, Evacuate Surgical Smoke: Everyone Has the Right to Clean Air, will be accessed by following the link on the I.C. Medical website home page, There will be no cost to access the e-book or to receive the CE credits, thanks to funding provided by I.C. Medical Company.
  • Convenient – Read the e-book online any time you choose. To receive continuing education credits, you will simply access the link, read the e-book, and complete a short multiple choice test, and then turn it in to Pfiedler Enterprises.
  • A relevant and timely topic – Surgical smoke evacuation is recognized as an increasingly critical issue in clinical settings. Advances in surgical smoke evacuation are on par with significant breakthroughs in areas of infection prevention, treatment methods, surgical education and standards, improved ways of collecting and processing blood, transplant technology, laparoscopic surgery, and other major developments in terms of improving OR safety, quality and clinical outcomes.


The surgical smoke evacuation study guide was first made available in April at the AORN Global Surgical Conference & Expo in Boston in hard-copy format, and nearly 1,000 event attendees took advantage of the opportunity to obtain the study guide and earn the free CE credits.

Gaining knowledge about surgical smoke (plume) is a key investment in your healthcare career and your own personal health since surgical smoke is an issue that has significant impact on the health and well-being of OR staff as well as surgical patients.

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