There are lots of good reasons to attend the AORN annual trade show this April in Boston.

For starters, it is a chance to gain knowledge and exposure to the latest industry trends, products and resources. The trade show offers many opportunities to participate in informational seminars, earn continuing education credits, learn best practices and network with peers. Many industry thought leaders and innovators in the field of surgical health care will be in attendance at the trade show, and many of these make themselves available to answer questions and discuss current relevant topics with attendees.

Since it appears likely that surgical smoke evacuation will become the next big issue in surgical practice as more and more information emerges about the potential risks of surgical plume to patients and surgical team members, a visit to the I.C. Medical Company booth, where the new I.C. Medical Crystal Vision 450D surgical smoke evacuator will be launched, should definitely be on your to-do list.

The Crystal Vision 450D is an “intelligent” medical device, with many sophisticated features and enhanced functionality. Unique among smoke evacuators, the Crystal Vision 450D can operate in either open or laproscopic mode with just the flick of a switch.

In “lap” mode, the CV removes smoke gently and efficiently while maintaining the pneumoperitinium. If intra-abdominal pressure reaches 27mmHg, the unit automatically alarms. If intra-abdominal pressure reaches 30 mmHg, it automatically activates, reducing pressure in the abdomen to below 27mmHg, thus protecting the patient from run-away insufflation and embolism.

At the end of a procedure, surgical staff can use the manual button on the CV smoke evacuator to deflate the patient’s abdomen. By removing the CO2 gas in this way, the patient’s body does not have to absorb excess gas residue. This reduces, and, in some cases, eliminates the painful joint aches that result from pushing on the abdomen to remove gas. It also speeds up post-op recovery time.

Another “smart” feature of the Crystal Vision is the “No Patient” indicator. If a trocar is placed in a patient and has not been inflated or is not in the surgical area, the unit will indicate this with a “No Patient” visual alarm.

If a first look at the new Crystal Vision 450D surgical smoke evacuator isn’t enough to draw you to Booth #1441 of the AORN trade show, then consider that while there you can pick up a free educational studyguide, Evacuate Surgical Smoke: Everyone Has the Right to Clean Air, that contains useful information about the issues, the potential harmful effects, and best practices for removing surgical smoke from the OR and will enable you to earn two CE credits through Pfiedler Enterprises. Simply read the book, and then complete the registration and evaluation forms along with a short multiple choice test at the end, and turn it in to receive CE credit.

Ioan and Elena Cosmescu, the founders/owners of I.C. Medical and acknowledged pioneers in the field of surgical smoke evacuation, will be available at Booth #1441 throughout the trade show to answer questions, discuss breakthroughs in the industry and demonstrate the CV 450D. They look forward to seeing you there.

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