Phoenix is projected to flourish in the years to come driven largely by industries such as high-tech manufacturing, data storage, health care, bioscience, solar energy, tourism and hospitality. Analysts forecast continuing population growth in the Arizona Sun Belt and look for employment to keep pace, based to a large extent on expansion in the healthcare industry.

One small but very promising area of anticipated growth is the medical equipment manufacturing industry – more specifically the surgical smoke evacuation device industry. Surgical smoke is the byproduct of using high energy cutting devices such as an ESU, Laser or Ultrasonic device.

A sweet spot for I.C. Medical: The surgical smoke evacuation industry is rapidly gaining importance worldwide, and surgical smoke evacuation equipment has become an essential part of 21st century surgical settings. Thus, it is a perfect time for us at I.C. Medical to expand our footprint, and we are eagerly preparing for our upcoming move to a new Phoenix headquarters, which we are calling “IC-3” (I.C. for inventor and co-owner Ioan Cosmescu and 3 for our third building).

IC-3 is an attractive, thoughtfully designed, modern, state-of-the-art facility. The building offers many amenities and is located just off Hwy I-17, making it accessible and convenient for employees, vendors and distribution vehicles.

Relocation to this new, larger facility will enable ICM to consolidate its existing operations, expand its production lines, improve fulfillment processes, and better serve its customers. What’s more, the new building is designed to accommodate projected growth into the future.

Mrs. Elena Cosmescu, I.C.M’s co-founder and Managing Director, said this about the upcoming move:

“Ioan and I are humbled by our success since the company’s founding nearly 30 years ago. We are proud to be at the forefront of an industry that is improving healthcare and making surgical practice better and safer for patients and for OR staff. We are also very pleased to be able to provide good, stable jobs and career growth for our employees, and to be in a position to contribute to the economy of the city we call home.

We are bullish about the future of this industry, and we look ahead with excitement and optimism. After a decade at our Shangri La headquarters, it’s time for us to plant the seeds for future growth, expansion and continued success at IC-3.”