Many people look forward to spending time at home with family and friends during the holiday season. At I.C. Medical, our company home and the heart of our business operations for nearly 30 years has been a building on Shangri La Road in Phoenix.

Ioan And Elena Cosmescu first started their business in 1989 working out of a cramped, 700 square foot ground-floor room in this building. Within a few years, I.C. Medical had added employees, gained world-wide recognition, and earned international renown as a trustworthy partner in the surgical smoke evacuation industry. Growth and expansion prompted the company to relocate several times in the ensuing years.

In 2009 fortune smiled on ICM when the Shangri La facility where the company had first begun came available for purchase.  The Cosmescu’s bought the building, renovated it, and set about converting it into a headquarters suitable for an industry-leading company. 

The building was extensively remodeled with consideration given to employee comfort and well-being, as well as aesthetics and functionality. Today, the structure features modern furnishings, spacious well-lighted production areas, ergonomic workstations, beautiful artwork and soothing colors throughout, and a tastefully landscaped courtyard that has been the site of numerous holiday parties and employee gatherings.

It is truly the heart of our company – and it beats every day to the pulse of our employees who regard it as their home away from home.  It is brought to life by this diverse and dedicated group of people who take pride in the company, the products we produce, and the premises we occupy.

Auld Lang Syne: In early 2018, I.C. Medical Company will move again, this time to a 60,000 square foot newly remodeled building a few miles from our present location. This new facility, which we are calling ICM-3 (ICM’s third facility), will accommodate ICM’s administration, production, inspection, quality control, design and engineering, testing, HR and marketing functions, all of which are currently at Shangri La. It will enable us to expand and thrive into the future.

We are excited about this new phase – albeit also a little nostalgic for the home we have outgrown.  As we advance through the holiday season, it seems a perfect time  to reminisce about our humble beginnings, our fondness for this home that has been the heart of our company for so many years, our grateful appreciation for the success we have enjoyed during those years, and promise the future holds for ICM.