The American College of Surgeons (ACS) is recommending to “Use smoke evacuator when electrocautery is used”

In response to COVID-19, The American College of Surgeons (ACS) is recommending to “Use smoke evacuator when electrocautery is used”. Likewise SAGES recommend active smoke evacuation be used to ensure proper filtration of CO2 and plume during post-operative laparoscopic disinflation.

Journal publications are also concluding a likelihood that COVID-19 remains viable in surgical plumes, citing historical presence of other viruses (HIV, TB) within the plume.

We support ACS and SAGES by providing easy to use smoke evacuation solutions for open electrosurgery and laparoscopy. Evacuate Surgical Smoke: Everyone Has the Right to Clean Air. ®

COVID-19 Risk Prevention

I.C. Medical’s SAFEGUARD BLUE™ Hydrophobic ULPA Filter ensures blood and fluid, potentially contaminated with COVID-19 and OPIM, does not contaminate the reusable filter or machine 5. (COVID-19 average particle size is .125 micron 7 SAFEGUARD BLUE™ is 99.999954% effective to .1 micron).

Quality Controls and Made in the U.S.A.

For more than 30 years I.C. Medical has been at the forefront of surgical smoke evacuation practice. Every I.C. Medical device is produced, assembled, tested and quality assured in-house at the company’s manufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ.

Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuation and Disinflation

I.C. Medical Laparoscopic Mode 6 can be used to ensure CO2 gas is effectively evacuated from your patient into the SAFEGUARD BLUE™ Hydrophobic ULPA filter. Laparoscopic Mode also provides Pneumoperitoneal Pressure Monitoring and an Occlusion Sensor to further ensure patient safety.

  • Capital # ICM-450-0000 Crystal Vision 450-D Smoke Evacuator (For Open and Lap)
  • Disposable # ICM-000-0003 Inter Abdominal Plume Eliminator Tubing Set w/Luer Connector
  • Accessory # ICM-000-0014 SAFEGUARD BLUE™ Hydrophobic ULPA Filter w/Fluid Trap
  • Accessory # ICM-000-0025 Large Coconut Charcoal Filter
  • Accessory # ICM-000-0546 RF Sensor (Auto Activates 450-D When Smoke is Produced)
  • Model 450-D SAFEGUARD BLUE™ & RF Sensor Inter Abdominal Tubing