Updated: November 2020

ULPA filters are among the most efficient and effective air purifying filters available. ULPA is an acronym for Ultra-Low Particulate Air, and the term actually refers to the filtration standard and not any specific type of air filter.

COVID-19 Risk Prevention

The I.C. Medical SAFEGUARD BLUE™ Hydrophobic ULPA Filter delivers >99.9999% efficiency on all particle sizes down to 0.03 micron, including all SARS-CoV-2 particles which range from 0.06 – 0.14 micron. SAFEGUARD BLUE™ Hydrophobic ULPA with Built-In Fluid Trap simultaneously ensures that evacuated surgical plumes, bio-aerosols, blood and fluids, potentially contaminated with SARS-CoV-2, will not pass through the reusable ULPA filter to contaminate the smoke evacuation machine, OR staff and patient. *


Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuation and Disinflation

  • In laparoscopic mode Crystal Vision®’s flow is easily adjusted to match the in-flow rate of the insufflator, maintaining pneumoperitoneal pressure.
  • Crystal Vision® stops automatically if tissue is accidently suctioned, preventing tissue damage.
  • If the intra-abdominal pressure reaches 27 mmHg the unit’s indicator will soundly alert. If the intra-abdominal pressure reaches 30 mmHg, the unit will automatically activate to reduce pressure to a safe level.
  • At the end of the procedure CO2 Gas is effectively evacuated from patient’s abdomen into SAFEGUARD BLUE™ Hydrophobic ULPA filter.

Super smart design and engineering

I.C. Medical’s Crystal Vision® smoke evacuation device was designed thoughtfully to separate the ULPA filter from the charcoal output filter. These two filters have entirely different jobs. The ULPA filter does the heavy lifting of trapping fluids and particulates, while the output filter removes odors and gases from the air before releasing it into the OR. They do not depend on each other.

Designed as a separate component, the Crystal Vision®’s Hydrophobic ULPA Hydrophobic Filter with Built-in Fluid Trap can easily be removed, replaced and disposed of after a procedure when fluids are visible. This allows the charcoal output filter to remain attached to the smoke evacuator and continue cleansing exhaust air efficiently and effectively throughout its useful lifespan. Poorly designed models that utilize an enclosed filter system (i.e., one that combines the ULPA and charcoal filters) risk allowing fluids and pathogens to contaminate the device. Moreover, this type of design makes it necessary to replace the entire filter mechanism when only the ULPA filter (a relatively inexpensive disposable item) needs to be changed.

Smart, hydrophobic, sophisticated, convenient, efficient, cost-effective – and thoughtfully designed to be the most advanced SAFEGUARD BLUE™ Hydrophobic ULPA smoke evacuation filter available. What’s not to love about the I.C. Medical Hydrophobic ULPA Filter with Built-in Fluid Trap?

Filtration efficiency results are based on testing done by SGS IBR Laboratories. Testing completed: October 1st, 2020

    • Test #’s
      • IBR JN: 22280A r3
      • IBR JN: 22280B
      • IBR JN: 22280D r2